Plan + Process

Financial Planning Process

Our strategies and services are tailored to the individual needs of the client.  Therefore, our process is somewhat different.  We do utilize, and find value in, the traditional financial planning steps of gathering data, defining goals, etc. (the what and the when). 

But, we hope to add greater depth to our clients' planning experience by developing a true understanding of their unique circumstances, and the personal importance of their stated goals (the who and the why).  In our view, this subtle difference between factual knowledge and true understanding is critical, and is a cornerstone of how we interact with our clients.

Wealth Management Process

We seek to provide our clients with an institutional approach to wealth management.  By that, we mean that the understanding gathered during the planning process must, ultimately, govern the risk profile, asset allocation, and income distribution characteristics of the investment portfolio.  The result:  an intelligently customized and personalized portfolio, again, tailored to the unique needs and goals of the client.

Our independent structure affords us the opportunity to employ an "open architecture" approach to asset management.  We maintain relationships with a number of independent money management firms, unified managed account providers, mutual fund sponsors, insurance companies, and alternative investment managers.