The Pear Tree

We include the following story on our website not only because the pear tree is so prominently featured, but because it speaks to many aspects of our approach to financial planning and wealth management:  the long term nature of the relationships we seek to build with our clients, the various seasons that will ultimately face all investors, and the obvious need for patience and a larger view of our circumstances.

Once upon a time, there was a man who had four sons.  He wanted them to learn how to judge things carefully, so he sent each of his sons on a quest to observe a pear tree in a distant land.  He sent his eldest son in Winter, the second in Spring, the third in Summer, and the youngest in Autumn.

Upon the return of the last son, he called them all together and asked them what they had seen.  The first son reported that the tree was twisted and ugly, and of no possible use.  The second son disagreed, stating that the tree was covered in green buds, and full of promise.  The third son argued that the tree was covered with fragrant blooms, and was beautiful indeed.  The fourth son contradicted the others' accounts by observing that the tree was full of ripe, delicious fruit.

The father listened carefully, and then pointed out that each of them had been correct in their observations, but had only viewed the tree during one season of its life.  He went on to explain that we should not judge our circumstances too quickly.  This would be unwise.  If we judge events, situations or people only during Winter, we risk missing the promise of Spring, the beauty of Summer, and the fulfillment of Autumn. 

Author Unknown